Catherine Night work speaks out about the environment; how we view, use and treat it. She had always looked at nature for an outlet, a place of calm, mediation and joy. Taking portraits is not one of her specialities. When she was younger; she used her my bothers and sister as models; they would complain about being photographed. For her, it easier to photograph nature and architecture, because they do not care how they are seen. Also, It gave her a voice to talk about the environment and bring it forth to an audience who might listen and open their eyes and thoughts.

Catherine Night is an Artist, Photographer and Art Graphic Designer who lives in Dallas, Texas.  Her practice is in the Beauty and the Ugly of our environment. She creates her work in Archival Silver Gelatin Prints, Colored Archival Digital Prints, Alternative Processes and Mixed Media. Her work is in private and public collections in the Dallas, Texas area. 

She has a BBA in Marketing with electives in art from The University of Texas at Austin, Texas in 1985. She has graduated from International Center of Photography from One Year Certified Program in 2016. Also, she has attended Eastfield College in classes of Digital Media and Fine Art classes.